Monday, September 15, 2008

Definitely not a Last Word...

The MaD Campaign came to a close weeks ago. Make a Difference! Did we really? Over a 100 positive feedbacks and still counting... I'd like to believe we did.

Change is a strange thing. It cannot be forced. It just happens. We made an effort to drive home a message. A message that we start with ourselves... Nothing big, small things like throwing waste in it's rightful place, helping accident victims, not to stand for corruption, not to encourage public smoking... Small things.

A lot of feedback said we should carry on with this campaign. I think not. Because I'd like to believe our campaign has matured into something a more. A movement, that begins with you. When you start to believe in all those small things I mentioned, our little campaign would have gained another believer.

And as a believer, hopefully you will inspire others. And other's others. And that my friends is a movement at infancy. As people grow, so does the movement. So bear in mind, that you are the heart and soul of our movement.

People are capable of outstanding acts of courage and compassion. And that's why we chose to believe in your ability to 'Make a Difference'.

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kicking.and.screaming said...

I was at your college some months back. The dead men lying around excited me. I loved the atmosphere. Bummer that its only for boys with 2 or 3 courses only for girls.