Monday, August 18, 2008

About M.a.D !!!

There is a crack we need to fix,

There is a space we need to fill,

There is a disease we need to cure,

There is a need we need to satisfy,

There is a problem we need to solve,

There is a movement we need to join.

Let’s do something because we can,

Let’s use our potential because we have it,

Let’s make a difference because we feel the need,

Let’s be a part of change because we believe in it,

Let’s give a damn.

Let’s go M.a.D.

It’s time. It’s time for us to restore our nation where being human is more important than winning an election. It’s time for us to reach out. It’s time to do something.

It is in this Spirit that The Third year students of the Department of Visual Communication, Loyola College, Chennai presents

M.a.D – Make a Difference!

This campaign aims at holding a mirror to ourselves, pointing fingers at ourselves, trying to find out why we are so indifferent to the needs of others; why we are so indifferent when everything is not all right with our government; how uncaring we are when a human life is at stake; how we shut our eyes to crimes committed in front of us.

Are we excusing ourselves by believing someone else will solve the problem; how wrongly tolerant we are of a public smoker who’s vice is a non-smokers poison; how lackadaisical we are in keeping our surroundings clean; and how unaware we are of the disparity in the distribution of public resources.

Finally, the campaign’s aim is to propose simple yet effective solutions that though seemingly small, can make a big difference.

This campaign is a call to action. Get up, move, be a part of change, be part of a new India, be a new you.

Let’s go Make A Difference!

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