Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From a concerned fellowmate...

This was a feedback that really touched us... Excuse the grammar and language, we have not modified this letter by any means, as its essence and depth would have been compromised...

Dear (MAD) Friends:

Congrats for doing this good job in MAD. And i wish you all sucess.

But it is not enough, Because we like to see the difference in Public not in a college. In our college the institution give payment to persons who clean the campus. I know this is our duty to do keep the campus clean, but it can't unless all the students like. If we do it or not our institution do it. But in our society nothing will do. The cleaners, scavengers are getting a monthly income they didn't or won't care about thesociety. But as the students we are the backbone, we do it as this is a service in society. I think this MAD may do manything difference in society. So plz don't waste the time in college.Take this opppurtunity to serve the nation. Plz grant my comment. We stand for you. Many students are willing to do service for the nation. And also we like to join in MAD. If u do in public places.

Because smokers, beggars, poor people, etc. and the wrong persons are not in our college. I hope in that. Make a Difference in Public. And they said about Equality, but in our campus I did not find that equality. Even between the college departmemnts. Once pachiyappas college students rag and tease our colllege students. Many of our college students watched and kept silent. I saw it. You may ask me, y udid it? This is the group work, team work, we ned co -operation (union is strenght) It will done only by team. This for example. There were many tings that happened and it will happen in the future too. We can't do anything for happened but we will do for the future. We change the future in MAD Group.Coz we have the facilitiesmoney, media, menatl power. think about it.

To Help Poor:
I have one idea, that is , in our college we spend lot of money to canteen, coffeee shop. and also for co -op stores etc...etc... So we arrange one fund from that amount.For example, if one buys a coffeee for Rs.5, we take Re.1 for the fund. This willl change one poor family or a poor society.This is one idea.
( Note: If u discuss with ur brainy group, lot of ideas will come out anddo it if possible).

As a loyolite I would like to serve the nation. I think it may give a fame to our college and us (MAD Group).

Some notes:

  • Plz do this servive in public places with our institution permission.
  • Plz encourage the students who were willing to do these social activities.
  • Plz don't waste this oppurtunity and time.
Beacuse I am from the village, I know what will happen and also u know. Becoz you r the seniors. We are the backbone for our nation. Atleast we should march with 25% of students who were willing. ( in whole India. out of 58%)

Many films teach thsi lesson but people or students didn't follow. If we do this in real surely it make a difference.

We have the power.

I don't know english very well, if u found mistakes in my writing and my comment, or u feel bad for this comment plz. forgive me)....



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