Monday, August 25, 2008

Random People on M.a.D.

"It is the first time I think students have brought out such an issue I am sure this will surely make a difference."
- Alloy, Student.

"I my self have been indifferent towards what's happening around me, the very thought that you people are doing something, has made me think, hope the campaign will be successful"
-Bruno, Student

"Earlier your seniors did campaigns on human vs. machines, but this is 'I vs. my Self', surely this will be a great success, at least for people like me, who seldom think of what is going around."
- Godfrey, Student.

"You are all saying big –big things I do not know how much of it will actually work, this looks more like an academic exercise.
-Udip, Student.

" All the five Issues you people are dealing with are the issues of the day & dealing with them is the need of the hour."
- Gautham, Student.

"Good show I guess"
- Sheena, Student

"You people are doing a very good job, keep in up I will pray that it may be a great success."
- Jacintha, Student.

"Indifference is all around in the air, I don't know if any body even thinks about it, vis comm. Students wanting to do something like this for the society, can't believe it, surely their efforts will bring a difference, if students want they can do any thing.
-Dinesh, Student.

"Go ahead we are all with you".
-Gautham, Student.

"Ha, ha who cares".
-Steve, Students.

"apart from normal studies you students have taken up such a campaign, I pray God to bless you & the campaign, hope you people will do a good job.
-Victor, Student.

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