Sunday, August 24, 2008

Road Accident First Aid, Chapter 002...

Shifting the Injured to the Hospital

  1. Ensure that he is not hurt more.
  2. The patient should be carried on firm board of stretcher so spine remains stable.
  3. While shifting, the patient's back, neck and airway need to be protected from further injury. So always take help of another person.
  4. If the patient is unconscious, gently place a large folded cloth or towel under the neck so that the neck doesn't sag against the ground.
  5. The vehicle used to carry the patient to the hospital should have enough space to keep the patient's back straight and the person accompanying should be able to care for and resuscitate the patients if necessary.
  6. During transportation keep a watch on whether the patient's airway is clear, whether the patient is breathing and whether you can feel the pulse in the patient.
  7. If there is only one limb injury the patient can be safely taken to hospital on a chair in a sitting position. Take care to splint or protect limb injuries or bleeding.

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