Sunday, August 24, 2008

Light at the End of the Tunnel ???

Indifference, a typical urban mentality that's seen these days. Even among rural India which was prided with warmth and compassion. Any injustice done in a society is blatantly ignored – no questions asked, no reports done, no remedies found.

Consider the dowry system – a unique Indian Cultural method of demanding money from the bride’s family. What a disgrace! Often turns violent claiming lives. Dowry deaths, dowry harassments, dowry debts and the likes. It's on the news, in the papers, why it goes on right before your eyes. Why do we choose to be blind to it? Why oppose a tradition that has survived for so many years?

Indifference is like a plague. It's everywhere. Indifference to public smoking, eve-teasing, bribery, murders, corruption and so many more. People like to be on the safe-side. Why act? Why take responsibility? As long as we are not its victim! It's good entertainment though isn't it? Indifference is the key to smart living in this age and era. Humane is a forgotten terminology! Trapped and unable to escape from this web of indifference, everything moves on.

Reality comes crashing down when the victim is near and dear. Or even you? Shame on us. Have we become so selfish?

Lets not be those people. Lets try in your simple way, to fight this indifference. Let our voices be heard.

Complaining to the authority, helping road accident victims, forming groups and task forces, fighting for your rights, fighting injustice, in small small steps we shall move forward.

In time people will see what small steps can do. Encouragement is free, it'll be give freely. Encouragement motivates, it will give courage. Courage will give birth to a new society of individuals. Individuals who care!

There is yet hope for us.

Small steps are all it takes!

Make a Difference! Today...

- Anusha

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