Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Memories and Some M.a.D ...

MAD reminds me of some of my fond memories from childhood......Fond memories??? It’s not about the fun!

Sitting comfortably on my pretty pink chair, I used to gulp the tumbler full of milk, but used to make a fuss for the last few sips.......

My father, sitting beside me, used to say, ‘There are people in the world who are denied of this drop of milk that you are making a fuss about’. I can clearly remember I was in my kindergarten...... he used to repeat this whenever I made a fuss about my food.....

He used to place my palms on top of his and to say, ’These two palms are going to help lot of people’. Whenever we both were alone with nobody around he used to tell me that the society is in need of Saviours... Those words, keep on reverberating within me. I feel guilty for not doing anything for it. I believe those words should be converted into actions at the earliest.

This campaign reminds me of those reverberating words from my father.

We might not be able to plunge into the slums to help the people. But we can try to be conscious about the following things.....

  • Be conscious when spending money. Do not spend unnecessarily.
  • Wasting food is actually a crime. You are just making the food unavailable to the people who are in need of it.
  • Try not to upset your parents. Every single quality starts from home.
  • Adore and admire nature. She is the best teacher.
  • Be responsible at least for your own actions. Starting from switching off the lights when we do not need them.
  • Consider people as your brothers and sisters.
  • Always think twice about whatever you do! That'll help you a lot.

I believe we all can make a difference no matter how small our contribution is !

- Teena

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