Sunday, August 24, 2008

From a Fellow "MaD" Head !!!

I nearly did it.

The car in front of me was going at a steady pace when an arm stretched out of its left window and dropped a carton right on that clean and neat driveway. I nearly burst a vein.

“What on EARTH does he think of himself!!!??? Such a clean, unlittered road! He must be educated and wealthy! Can’t he just keep that carton right back on his dashboard and wait till he finds a dustbin?? I’m going to stop the car and pick that up and…”

That’s when my mother got a little alarmed. “Er…maybe not right now…There’s a car behind us”

“Hmmm” I muttered. That’s when I noticed the driver’s side of the car. An arm was out and a cigarette dangled from its hand. That’s when I hit the roof.

“Smoking AND littering the environment!! This is the limit!!!” I was about to do a full 90 degree turn, swerving in front of the car and pull out my super shooting propeller thingys , pinning that car to the ground but ah, that’s just my post-Dark Knight hangover self talking.
But seriously, I’ve been taking our MAD issues to heart. And to other levels.

I’ve been following traffic rules like a good girl (and not just because I get totally paranoid whenever I see a cop car behind me). Garbage goes straight into the bin (and if it’s a little off centre, I pick it up and put it where it belongs) I haven’t saved any lives or fought for equal rights, but I’m getting somewhere.

Feeling the MADness and feeling good. Hope you’re all feeling it too!

- Prarthana Rao

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