Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MaD in Focus

Indifference is a vast and wide topic. Mad Campaign therefore chose to focus on the following aspects;

Save a life
A dear friend was lost due to sheer negligence from hospital and police authorities. We strongly feel that there is definitely something we all can do to make sure a life is saved, but we are indifferent to such a situation. Most of us just “look and pass”. We aim at bringing about a change in people’s attitude through this topic.

The indifference of the youth with regards to the environment. The ‘take it easy’ attitude they have about the damage that is being done by everyone to their surroundings, with no concern about the future generation.

The Inequality that is prevalent in our society in terms of the division of resources, opportunities, public property, welfare resources among the various sections of the society based on the economic and social divide.

Crimes of the society
Indifference with regard to the petty crime like pick pocketing, speeding in heavy traffic, abusive language on others etc.

Public smoking
Indifference with regard to the public smokers who cause discomfort to the surrounding people.

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