Monday, August 25, 2008

Why am I a part of the M.a.D Campaign ?

I believe that MADness is a human tendency - the want to Make A Difference is an innate human desire. Though the scope of this desire varies, the passion to strive for a better tomorrow is a human instinct.

I believe that the youth of today are mad - mad about the inadequacy of their lives, mad about injustice that clouds their horizons and mad about the complacency of people with the power to calm storms.

I am mad - mad about these things

And this is why I believe in you - the MAD - Make A Difference campaign. If today, I can correct my faults and indifference, I can make a better tomorrow.

You can make a better tomorrow.

We've just got to GO mAKE a dIFFERENCE for a worthy cause.

Our generation is believed to be one of great potential. Not only do we all have high aims and ambitions, but we have also been blessed with the means of fulfilling these dreams.

We are a generation of promise.

But in the process of attaining laurels for ourselves, we cast our glances away from the injustice and crimes that are making our generation less human each day. The spirit of brotherhood and giving without expectations that India is synonymous with, lie like old trophies on a dusty shelf to remind us of the culture that used to be ours.

It’s time for us to remember. And, it’s time for us to restore- restore our nation to a land where being human is more important than winning and achieving.

- Tara Maria D’Souza

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